Getting Started

Congratulations on choosing Moonland. We are currently finishing developing the MVP, and we are looking for cutting edge companies to start Beta testing.

Why we created Moonland?

Moonland was born out of sheer frustration of not having a powerful A/B testing tool dedicated to product and engineering teams. While there are great marketing tools such as Optimizely, there just isn’t the same level of great tools for engineering.

About this guide

Moonland is an opinionated A/B testing framework. We follow convention above configuration, hence getting started should be simple by design.

We will first walk you though the main concepts that Moonland introduces. In all these example, we use Javascript as a chosen language for the example since JS is the most popular language for A/B testing.

Setting up an experiment

In Moonland, we strive to make your code as reusable as possible.

Hence, you never really setup an experiment, because the clients never have knowledge of either experiment or variants.